Crystal engraving .

The best of craftsmanship must select the best qualities: our crystal engravings are the result of artisanal know-how that we are the only ones to master in the Aquitaine region.

Admired and renowned for its purity and transparency, crystal has been dressing elegant and refined tables since its creation in the 18th century. The natural wealth of Bohemia (Czechia, Moravia and Silesia) combined with a solid glassmaking tradition dubbed this region as the historical cradle of crystal. The French Baccarat was the only one capable of matching it.

Crystal clear as rock crystal and envied the world over, the crystal objects produced in Bohemia or Baccarat are the only ones we use in our workshops.

The biggest trading houses, the big names of Champagne, Armagnac and Calvados were not mistaken and are today our best ambassadors: MSV guarantees an engraving of great finesse and faithfully conforms to its model, an art service unique in New Aquitaine.

Please note that all our crystal decanters are sold with their compatible transport cap to guarantee an impeccable result and the perfect integrity of your product once bottled.

Une réalisation MSV : gravure sur cristal et peinture or.

Our achievements of crystal engravings .

We offer a wide range of decanters of pure and luminous crystal. From classic shapes to the most original, these 50 and 70 cl bottles will be the elegant setting for the fine qualities of spirits and noble wines.

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