Glass and crystal engraving for Cosmetics .

Our experience of glass objects and packaging of wines and spirits with a fragile and delicate nature naturally led us to extend our expertise to cosmetic products.

With strong requirements to respect the integrity of products and an essential aesthetic appeal, the world of cosmetics – and that of perfumes in particular – has found in MSV the answers and solutions to its needs in glass engravings, bottles and capping.

Our wide range of glass products indeed offers a large number of possibilities to which are added our micro-sandblasting engraving services. This technique, which allows a very fine rendering and a result perfectly in line with the pilot motif, meets all the criteria of fine craftsmanship. Our professional and experienced engravers excel at rendering the elegance of a line or the modulations of a line.

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Glass engraving cosmetic packaging

Some collaborations .

In the field of cosmetics

Among our fruitful collaborations, let us quote “Lily”, creator of made-to-measure perfumes based in Cognac.

The famous manufacturer of perfume bottles “ Pochet du Courval

The creator of fragrances “ The Cocoon Spirit

The master wax maker manufacturer of high-end scented candles “ Wax and Perfume