Capping .

Capping is an essential element in the design of your glass product. You must absolutely ensure that you choose a closure that guarantees the perfect integrity of your bottled product. Do not neglect this detail at the risk of seeing the quality of your product deteriorate.

Our expertise in the production of small and medium series allows you to benefit from our network. We help you determine and find the best fit for your product. Once the rare pearl has been found, our micro-sandblasting engraving workshop will offer you many customization solutions: engraving of the stopper, engraving on glass heads or wooden heads.

Please note that all our crystal decanters are sold with their compatible transport cap to guarantee an impeccable result and the perfect integrity of your product once bottled.

For glass bottles and glassware from our different ranges (“Ambiance”, “Gourmet”, “Eco-nomad” and “Homemade”), we also offer specific corking solutions. From the spout stopper for oil or vinegar to the plastic stopper with screw ring for water bottles, we find for each use the most suitable stopper system for quality glass objects and adapted to everyday life.

Our expertise in capping and finishing corks also applies to the field of cosmetics, the specificities of which are well known to us both in the field of perfumery and in that of classic cosmetics or candles.