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Since 2004, our company Micro-Sablage Verrier has distinguished itself by the quality of execution of its engraving on glass and crystal.

With a team of professional and experienced engravers, MSV has elevated glass micro-sandblasting to the rank of artistic craftsmanship. Our pride lies entirely in our requirement. Thanks to it, we now ensure a level of excellence recognized and sought after by the major trading houses and the most famous wine estates.

Our discretion and our perfect knowledge of the luxury market guarantee you the strictest confidentiality during and after the completion of your project.

Our three professional engravers work in our workshop located in Cognac in Charente: Caroline, Eugénie and Armelle. They have at their disposal tools of great precision which could not be handled without a perfect knowledge of traditional techniques of sand engravings. Each machine can process different types of bottles and decanters depending on their material, shape, capacity and content as well as their fragility. This large technical park offers us great flexibility of adaptation. Each machine has its own particularity and all our tools can be combined to achieve a perfect result. A first semi-automatic machine is devoted to atypical shapes and small series. The semi-automatic turnstile machine enables precise circular engraving or even complex circumferential engraving. Finally, the automatic machine is reserved for cubic and more or less round shapes of large series. It is through the mastery of the gesture that our engravers excel in obtaining elegant hairline and delicate line modulations and we claim without blushing a quality largely worthy of fine craftsmanship.

The experience and the technicality of our engravers combined with these three machines guarantee you a perfect, linear and constant quality of engraving fineness. To convince you, our finest creations are exhibited in the showroom of our workshop: 11 rue de la Pépinière in Cognac (Charente).

Frédéric Larour, director of the MSV company, glass and crystal engraving workshop in Cognac.
Frédéric Larour, director of the MSV company, glass and crystal engraving workshop in Cognac.

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