"Let's create together a perfect glass object, up to your requirements . "

Draw inspiration and advice from our experience to make your object a true reflection of the spirit of your company.

"MSV contributes to the high-end visual identity of the biggest spirits houses."

From the unique and exceptional art object to the serial edition of up to 5000 copies, our workshop is made up of a team of professional and experienced engravers whose perfect mastery of machines and tools guarantees a premium result appreciated and widely. recognized by prestigious clients. Trained in micro sandblasting techniques, our engravers have been loyal to their company for more than 10 years.

Our competence is expressed with as much ease on very small formats as on large surfaces. Our engraving will also be perfect on a glass stopper with a diameter of 30 mm than on a Primat (bottle with a capacity of 27 liters).

Your project, sketched or fully detailed, will find with us the privileged and competent interlocutors most able to give shape to your ideas while respecting the imposed deadlines. Our showroom located at 11 rue de la Pépinière in Cognac (Charente) exhibits our most beautiful creations which we have no doubt that they will convince you! Come and meet us, let’s discuss your project, together determine the best techniques to achieve a perfect object, up to your requirements.

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